Halloween and what it brought to mind…

by Riss


Halloween was an odd day, I don’t know if it was the ghosts and goblins or if it was the fear I heard in people’s voices when they spoke about the coming election.  I am going to assume the later.  The bottom line is people are scared.  The 30 and under crowd are scared of an Obama presidency that will take their hard earned dollars away and redistribute it to other’s, most of which will be undeserving.  Then the exact extreme with the senior citizens, which are scared that a McCain presidency will take away their social security and Medicare. Regardless, I personally blame Obama.  Every time the TV is on, Obama is changing his definition of who would be considered rich and he has commercials running to scare our seniors into believing that they will not have money or medical coverage and will be left to die in the streets.  I do not want anyone to be confused here and think that I am being biased and completely in full agreement of everything and anything John McCain says, because I am not. But what I do know and believe deep down is that John McCain will not destroy OUR freedom.

What sickens me and I am not being dramatic, I literally fall ill with the way the media continues to support a candidate that will if elected (I say if because I am hoping that the people of this great country aren’t as stupid as they are appearing) will be censored.  Obama has consistently shown the American people that it’s his way or the highway. What will happen to OUR freedom of speech? What will happen if WE the people don’t follow the great Obama in his path to ruin OUR American dream?  And furthermore, why are the American people not seeing through this?  Bottom line, the media is so smitten with Obama and the common folk are equally as snowed…if people actually listened to Obama’s words and not the smooth talking rhetoric that only answers certain questions, which all are rather lame and not challenging, McCain would have this election in the bag. The Obama campaign only answers the pretty questions and doesn’t really have a plan for anything that we Americans care about. HOPE, for what? What kind of CHANGE? Think about it, has Obama really ever answered these questions without painting a pretty picture of nonsense? NO…it’s just some sort of pipedream that you are suppose to assume and trust.  Can we really trust a man that cannot answer a question without it being premeditated? Can we really trust a man that is afraid to be without a teleprompter?

Ok, so I am all over the place, but I am going to blame the late night I had.  My car got sprayed with baby oil and my McCain bumper sticker magnet was thrown into a pile of leaves.  I stayed up until 3am thinking that maybe the violators would come back so I could chase them down.  They violated my little Hyundai and threw my freedom of speech on the ground, stomping on my hope and dream of change completely clueless that with their action, they did the same thing.  I washed my oiled McCain magent off and put it back on my car and added a new magnent, that of the American flag.  I will never be forced into silence and I will never wave a white flag.  I don’t think that everyone has to be a McCain supporter, but throwing a sticker on the ground with an American hero’s name on it proves that people have lost American spirit.  Am I one of the few people that to this day stops a soldier on the street to thank him or her for what they have sacrificed? Does it not matter anymore that these people give it all up for us to be free? Do people really think that we would still be free without our soldiers? We would certainly not be, we would be having continuous 9-11’s without these honorable people.  And I thank George W. Bush for his determination to keep us safe.  Love him or hate him, he HAS KEPT US SAFE.  With that being said, I am not afraid of an Obama presidency; tax me, take away my medical coverage and freedom of speech, do whatever, but do not Mr. Obama destroy our national security.

With all of my ramblings, I am going to close by saying, do not be a small minded American and do not be mesmerized by the tactics of the Barack Obama campaign with his idea of hopes, dreams, change, bologna and the redistribution of government cheese. He can keep his change and his tax increases and his ideal that we can talk with terrorists and be best friends forever. Be smart America, check your facts with history, this has never worked, he and his congress cronies will not be able to make it work and we will all pay some serious consequences and I don’t just mean financially. Check the facts for yourself of what the last 2 years of a Democratic run Congress has done for this country.  Be the smart America that we are known and hated for.  Socialism will not save OUR country and being government puppets will destroy everything OUR founding fathers ever hoped for all of us. Remember them? Do you remember; We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America? Do you remember now? Before you vote November 4, 2008, remember OUR Constitution and remind yourself about how far this country has come, the sacrifices of many and ask yourself why you are proud to be an American.


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