Support Sen. Saxby Chambliss

By Caomhin

Conservatives and libertarians in Georgia need to unite on December 2nd and re-elect Sen. Saxby Chambliss.  After the first round of elections Sen. Chambliss won the popular vote, but under Georgia state laws, he must now face Democratic candidate Jim Martin in a run-off on the aforementioned date.  Sen. Chambliss is an excellent Senator and is well deserving of another term.

Sen. Chambliss has an outstanding record of being a friend to the American taxpayer, earning an endorsement from The Club for Growth and has a very solid anti-pork record.  He is a proponent of low taxes in general, the Fair Tax system in particular, and is in favor of a permanent repeal of the Death Tax.   Sen. Chambliss has an outstanding record on energy as well, favoring both an increase in domestic oil and gas production while developing alternative energy sources, all of which benefit our nation economically and from a national defense standpoint.

I strongly encourage you to explore Sen. Chambliss’s website and if possible to please a donation to his campaign.  I know how difficult times are with the economy in turmoil, but rest assured, you will have a strong believer in a limited government and a free market ally in Saxby Chambliss who will tirelessly fight on your behalf.




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