Support Michael Steele for RNC Chairman

By Caomhin

The GOP needs to be restructured, but not necessarily rebuilt.  It has become apparent that many members of the Republican Party did not adhere to fundamental belief of fiscal conservatives and as a result we suffered greatly both as a political entity.  Staunch advocates of capitalism, free markets, free trades, limited government, and a reduction in government waste were ignored even while the GOP maintained a strong majority.  Rather than adhere to the principles and abide by what some of our elected officials had promised to do, they pursued opposite avenues, and instead of shrinking the size of government, enacting stronger ethics guidelines, eliminating pork spending, and voting according to conservative principles, we saw movements towards the polar opposites of these core values.

As a result, yes, we lost the majority, but more importantly, due to the failure of some members of the Republican caucus, our image was tarnished in the eyes of our fellow citizens.  Knowing the atmosphere and hostility that the main stream media has for Republicans, we are increasingly under ever more powerful microscopes than that under which liberals are held.  This is not cause for concern to me; however, as I truly believe that should we enact and abide by the philosophies of such great minds as Adam Smith, Calvin Coolidge, Milton Friedman, and Ronald Reagan, than we should invite such scrutiny.

We should hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of our rivals; in fact we should invite it and embrace it.  For it is our message of empowering individuals to live their own lives without being stonewalled or impeded by the government, to work hard and attain any level, recognition, or promotion according to one’s talents.  We must encourage and promote the fundamental viewpoints that we are granted free will by God with certain inalienable rights which allow us to develop society not by coercion but rather by our own decisions and actions and that we are responsible for such actions.  That government has no right to determine winners and losers, to try to influence human behavior with such false monikers as “tax credits”, which is simply a tool in order for elected leaders to persuade the masses to pursue courses that coincide with political view points.  This cloud of confusion needs to be lifted.

We must stay true to our beliefs and promote our message with honor, pride, and dignity.  Surely, as it is said, we will be known more by our actions than our words.  Without demanding adherence to our core philosophies from those elected to represent us, we are subject to the failures that we have seen as a result of such deviations.

With this in mind, I find it necessary to announce my support for former Lt. Gov. of Maryland, Michael Steele, for Chairman of the RNC.  Michael Steele has the drive, the commitment, the dedication to the cause, technical savvy, articulation, and tireless work ethic that we desperately need.  Steele is dedicated to growing our party and reaching out to the youth vote (technically I suppose I’m still the youth vote, though at 30 I suppose I’m reaching the limits of this category if I have not already exceeded it) and I have witnessed this first hand through the utilization of his website.  In fact, in the short time since the campaigning for the position of Chairman, I have seen more everyday technology used (such as more advanced websites, social networking services, text messages to cell phones, etc.) aggressively than in more publicized national campaigns.  This is sorely need and given the limited resources of the campaign at this time, is simply the tip of the iceberg for what will come with Chairman Steele at the helm of the GOP.

In particular, I know the difficulties that the GOP faces in the Mid Atlantic, being from Pennsylvania myself.  I know how desperately we need an articulate, dedicated voice that can effectively deliver the broad philosophy of our party.   Having a track record of success in Maryland, through his appearances on many nationally syndicated shows, Michael Steele has shown time and again that he can and will be a tremendous leader for the Republican Party.  I strongly encourage you to seek out further information and support his candidacy.

Please Visit:

Steele for Chairman


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