Conviction with Relation to Rwandan Genocide Long Overdue

By Caomhin
A United Nation’s court convicted Theoneste Bagosora of genocide for his role in the Rwandan Massacres in 1994.  While I am highly critical and skeptical of the UN at many times, I commend this decision, one that is long overdue.  The horrific events that transpired in Rwanda are unforgivable.  I remember hearing about the atrocities, and being 16, not truly understanding the scope and savagery until a little time later as I had done more research on the subject.  When I did, I was highly alarmed that the Clinton Administration had done little to prevent the slaughtering after it had begun.  It is still extremely disturbing to me to this day to know that we did not fulfill our duty in preventing this tragedy.
Those who know me know that I’m highly sympathetic to President George W. Bush, as he was dealt with an extremely difficult hand; one in which I believe he dealt with better than almost anyone could.  I have both praised and criticized him on a variety of issues.  One of these issues I’ve criticized the Administration is the Darfur situation, in which the Chinese have essentially stonewalled the international community from defending the people of that region from a genocide that has, unbelievably, been unfolding under the radar.  While no longer as prevalent in the news cycle as it had previously been the atrocities that have and are occurring in Darfur are a negative mark on the international community.  President Bush as achieved a great deal in Africa, his initiatives in the fight against malaria and AIDS have been incredible, but he should have held a firmer stance with regards to Darfur.
Africa faces many significant political problems, the situations in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, the ongoing piracy in Somalia, and significant Al-Qaeda operations within the northern part of the continent, notwithstanding.  The continent has now suffered two significant genocides in the last fifteen years and this must not be faced with lackadaisical reactions by the international community.  These atrocities must be stopped before they have a chance to occur; no matter when, no matter when.


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