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Congratulations RNC Chairman Michael Steele!

By Caomhin

Michael Steele said it best, “this is awesome.”  As you undoubtedly know by now, Michael Steele is the new Chairman of the RNC.  It doesn’t seem very long ago that we were first posting on our support for Michael Steele.  Time definitely flies.  For those of you who hadn’t had a chance to check out his website, I strongly encourage you to do so, and read his blueprint for rebuilding the party, you won’t be disappointed, in fact, I’m sure you’ll be downright upbeat and excited.  I’m ecstatic about his victory.  I have no doubt the future of the GOP is much stronger and brighter with Michael Steele as our leader.  I have no doubt that the Republic Party is going to be resurgent in the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast as Chairman Steele has stated.  I know our Party is going to be stronger in each and every state and I enthusiastically support his vision for the future of the GOP.  I’m ready to put in work and I know many others are as well.  This is an exciting day for us and for as much excitement as this has generated, it’s time to hit the ground running and start putting in work.

Please visit the official RNC Homepage.


Protectionism is ALWAYS a Bad Policy

By Caomhin

It missed my attention yesterday, but the Democrats have injected a “Buy American” Rider into the stimulus package that the House of Representatives passed yesterday.  Words cannot properly express my disillusionment with this, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.   Protectionism is one of the most short-sighted, xenophobic policies that politicians can enact, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from jumping on that bandwagon with gusto.  I guess it won’t be too long now before the same ardent liberals who hated America when President Bush was leading our nation will soon be swept up into an overzealous level of nationalism either.  Because if history has taught us one thing it’s that Protectionism and nationalism have always resulted in positive effects, right?

This comes as no surprise, either.  The Democrats are fervently opposed to free trade agreements.  They fail to recognize the many benefits of free trade, from lower prices enjoyed both American and international consumers, an increase in capital flows, new levels of diplomatic relationships, and an increase  of freedoms both at home and abroad.  They apparently have absolutely no clue that the economy is globalized.  When the last time you bought a product that was was made entirely in America?  That is, no part of the item, no component, no customer support, no shipping, had value added services from another nation.  I wonder if they realize how many international companies employ American workers and vice versa.

I wonder what their feelings are about the workers of Circuit City who had the audacity to sell goods that were made in foreign nations.  Are they happy that 35,000 people lost their jobs and that maybe a few more Sony products won’t be sold here in America?   I wonder if they’ll ship the Statue of Liberty back to France, it’s not American made, after all.

Many leading CEOs are shocked that this provision was included in this bill, even ones who are receiving assistance from the government as we speak.  No good has ever come from protectionism and this type of shameless, harmful political gimmick hurts America badly.  How fast will the WTO haul us in for reviews and how much retaliation will other nations seek against us if we refuse to import their goods.  For that matter, how much capital will stop flowing in that helps to offset our balance deficit?

Remember all that talk about America being “ready to lead again?” Is this leadership?  Slapping every nation that we trade with in the face and essentially pinning the blame for some of the problems that our government has created on our allies and trading partners?  How do you think that will go over with world leaders?

You should also keep in mind that all rational consumers buy the best value at the best price. If two items are of the same quality and the distinction is price, you buy the item with the lower price.  That being said, if we are in such dire straits that the Government wants to go on a massive spending binge, we now know that not only will be ineffective it will also by its very nature not be cost effective in the least.  The Democrats are willing to pay more for items which will result in even lower amounts of quantities purchased with which to work with, while alienating markets altogether and hurting American opportunities overseas.

Obama’s Got a Fevah, and the Only Cure is More Spending

By Caomhin

The Obama Administration is talking about spending another $2 trillion dollars on banking bailouts.  I distinctly recall Obama talking about personal responsibilities and something about “hope” and how “we are the ones we have waited for,” but while that may be true for his supporters, the next few generations of Americans are not going to be filled with hope when his Administration sticks them with $2.8 trillion dollars of new debt less than a month into his time in office.  I’m also fairly certain that they won’t be waiting for this to happen with excitement either.   For those keeping track of the numbers, we have the $800 billion plus liberal spending package on a fast track and now talk of up to another $2 trillion dollars in bailouts.  Assuming this is it for his first 30 days (which it won’t be) that works out to new spending of $93.3 billion per day.

Anyone want to wager that he’s going to have to reconsider his tax cut plan?  Not the portion for those who aren’t earning a wage at all, of course they’re going to get a “rebate” check, but for anyone who’s working, rest assured the Democrats will are already licking their chops and salivating at the thought of a tax increase to keep funding their pet projects and continuing the bailout madness.  When you consider the numbers it’s staggering.  $2.8 trillion dollars also works out to $8,000 for every man, woman, child, and baby in this nation (assuming a population of 350 million).  So, ask yourself, if you were going to spend $2.8 trillion dollars to help out the American people, prop up retail sales, and help people pay their mortgages, which works better, giving everyone $8,000 or giving money to STD prevention groups, carbon capture demonstration projects, corporate bailouts, etc.?

The number should not even approach that high anyway.  Congress, and in particular Democrats, are putting on a little dog and pony show and then go running to their media buddies howling about how the world is going to end if we don’t cough up the cash and bow their wishes.  Meanwhile, they have demonstrated, time and again, that they have no clue how the economy works or what the American people truly need and want.  Years down the road when we all see our tax rates jacked through the roof we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t get involved in the process and demand that Congress listen to the people rather than their biggest Party donors and lobbyist friends.

Gaining Respect for Ford

By Kevin C. Donnelly

Rarely, if ever do I commend a company when they post an extremely large loss, but I feel it prudent to do so today.  I would like to acknowledge Ford Motor Company’s announcement today, on the heels of a fourth quarter loss of $5.9 billion dollars that they will not be seeking government loans for assistance.  Ford has also reached agreements to end the Job Banks for the UAW.

It is a strange time indeed when I find myself tipping my hat to a company who reports massive losses.  However, CEO Allen Mulally had taken steps even before the economy started to take a quick downward spiral to shore up Ford’s liquidity.  He previously had performed extremely well as the CEO of Boeing.  There are steps being taken by many companies and by the government which I am vehemently opposed to, and Ford has made missteps as well, but they have done remarkably well as opposed to their counterparts at GM and Chrysler.  Their refusal to take money that Congress has all but tried to shove in their pockets has given me a greater respect for the company.

Obama Thought the New Deal was Too Small?

By Kevin C. Donnelly

According to Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and Rob Bishop(R-UT), Obama had told them in a closed door meeting that the reason the FDR’s New Deal did not solve the Great Depression was that the expenditures were too low.  That is quite scary when one considers the implications.  The New Deal was the largest and expansive program in the history of America, one that has had drastic implications for our nation for generations.

You’ll recall that sizeable portions of the New Deal were rendered unconstitutional and that many of these programs are still causing considerable strain on the US budget even to this day.  The late, great, Milton Freidman, successfully argued that the Great Depression was caused more so by the failures of the Federal Reserve System to properly manage the money supply than any other cause.  Likewise, it was through the control of the money supply, rather than World Word II which had ended the Great Depression.  It took years for the Fed to get its act in order and correct the true cause of the Depression.  Politicians being politicians, however, FDR used this crisis as an opportunity to put massive programs upon the backs of the American taxpayer, many of which are deeply in the red today.

The fact that Obama views the New Deal as being too small of an expenditure as to have fixed the Great Depression reveals a great deal about him.  First, he is oblivious to the history of the Depression, its causes and its cures.  Second, despite the hype surrounding him that he is somehow an optimistic and hopeful leader, this is far from true, for if he is comparing today’s circumstances to the Great Depression, than he once again is showing a lack of historical knowledge or a great deal of pessimism about our future despite what he professes in his speeches.  Politicians who feel that the New Deal did not go far enough in expanding the government and its role in the lives of the American citizens are no friends to liberty loving individuals.  As the government grows larger and begins dictating what citizens can and cannot do, how they can spend, and what they can spend their money on, then our individual freedoms and liberties will deteriorate.

Massively Flawed Democratic Spending Frenzy Passes

By Caomhin

Well, they went ahead and did it. The House of Representatives approved Obama’s $819 billion dollar liberal special interest spending appropriation, which the media is inexplicably calling a stimulus plan. The only bright side to this development is that a total of 0 Republicans voted for this pork laden bill.

Among the things being neglected by the media is the enormous increases in welfare payments in the bill.  “Tax Rebates” to people who pay no taxes is a welfare payment.  There is no other way to phrase that.

Carbon capture programs, another liberal wish list item, are also on the menu.   While they are surely not going to create new jobs for the average American, they sure will make the environmental groups who pumped funds in the Democratic Party’s election coffers very happy.  I’ll sleep a little easier knowing that while thousands of people are losing their jobs that somewhere in Southern California someone is probably sticking a giant cotton swab into the tailpipe of an SUV with my tax dollars.

I’m sure glad that the tax withholding rates will allow most individuals to keep about $12 extra per paycheck.  Perhaps people who are struggling to pay their mortgage with shortfalls of much larger amounts will appreciate that greatly as well.  That will certainly help them out.

Obama has said that this generous serving of pork and payoffs will help to “create or save” millions of jobs.  I can guarantee you that it will not create millions of jobs.  As far as “saving” millions of jobs, I’d like to see how they plan on quantifying that. I’ve previously discussed this matter before as Larry Summers set the bar so low for Obama that anything short of our reaching 10% unemployment will be seen as Obama “saving” jobs.  Anyone want to place a wager that the media will be complicit in this propaganda effort?

Credit was what got us into the problems that we face today, so what do the Democrats do?  They double down and take out another massive amount of credit that can’t guarantee anything other than future tax increases.  There is a saying that “crisis precipitates change,” but this is not the change we need, want, nor deserve.  We don’t deserve our futures and those of our children and grandchildren being mortgaged by greedy politicians who have no understanding of how the economy works.  We don’t need change when the change they are talking about is oppressive amounts of debt and horrible policy decisions that will continue to grow under the “leadership” of the Democrats.

John Carter’s “Rangel Rule”

By Caomhin

John Carter (R-TX) introduced a bill with what he called the “Rangel Rule,” whereby citizens would not be penalized by the IRS for making tax payments late.  Carter made sure to point out that Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and newly appointed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner were not penalized by the IRS after they knowingly failed to pay taxes until much later in the future.  Carter’s point here is twofold.  The first, of course, is highlighting the double standard that our employees (the Government) get from their co-workers (in this example, the IRS), while punishing their employers (the tax payers) who engage in the same behavior.  The difference of course, is that for a lot of ordinary citizens, their mistakes are simple and honest, and yet, they are met with stringent penalties.

However, when you are a member of Congress or an unqualified tax evader who gets appointed to Treasury Secretary you can rest assured you will face no penalties.  Such a double standard is appalling and needs to be addressed.  Either fine both Rangel and Geithner (who should have faced considerable opposition, but did not), remove them from their posts, or extend the same courtesy to every single citizen in this nation.  No one is above the law and everyone must be held to the same standard.  John Carter should be congratulated for being so creative in bringing this to halls of Congress and to the attention of the American people.