Almost On Cue, Liberals Seek Gas Tax Hike

By Caomhin

One of the only positives in these economic times was the collapse of the petroleum bubble in which we saw ever increasing oil prices that were causing great harm and distress to Americans of all walks of life.  While the decrease in the price of the commodity is overwhelming met with great relief by the average American, of course, there are always dissenters to this philosophy.  I will keep this analysis short and I express my sincere sympathy to those with stocks in the energy sector, through personal investment accounts, IRAs, 401(k) s, and pension plans.  It is a great tribulation to lose economic security and I take no comfort in knowing that the loss of a person’s savings is also a result of the lower prices.  The focus of this narrative is meant simply to highlight the viewpoints of staunch liberals, legislators, and the average American, especially commuters.

As the price per barrel of oil had decrease over the last few months (though the price of oil is indeed creeping back up right now, but far off of its high) we have finally received some relief at the pump and in heating our homes.  This of course, is extremely helpful in lowering the burden the average American, from the elderly, to the young adult fresh out of high school and college who drive to work every day.  Having your transportation budget cut in half frees up more funds to do with as you so decide, be it save, or spend.  It affords you greater options and more freedom with your hard earned money.

Of course, not everyone sees it this way. We are again hearing calls that the gas tax should be raised, to the upward tune of .40/gallon and then indexed to inflation (which will be skyrocketing due to fiscal irresponsibility in the legislature and the Federal Reserve’s horrendous policy of keeping interest rates low while greatly increasing the money supply) in order to make sure that “disasters” to our infrastructure do not occur in the future.  It is interesting that every time the government comes running to the taxpayer it always due to some sort of impending doom that will befall us unless we agree to pay more in taxes and fees.  We see this with global warming, with Social Security, with Transportation, etc., but in each case, it is the government’s wasteful spending and horrendous decisions that have lead to the need for more funds.

In this case, the gas tax increase is now being presented to a liberally dominated Congress that has a an insatiable desire to increase government spending as it is, and we’ve heard numerous times from Pelosi, Reid, etc, that “rebuilding the infrastructure” will be a core tenet of the their so called “stimulus plan.”  Couple these facts with their firm belief in global warming hysterics and Barack Obama’s own views on these issues, rest assured they will try to ram this plan down our throats at their convenience.   The arrogance is stunning.  They view now as an opportune time to pursue an increase in the gas tax as we are finally seeing some relief.

In their minds, you would have to wonder if they believe that since we had no choice but to pay market restricted prices of oil due to a cartel operation in violation of the free market, then they should get in on the act as well.  Any avenue that the Democrats can take to increase the amount of money the government can collect and then redistribute according to their disillusioned views will work just fine for them.  As far as a function within a “stimulus plan,” the only people who will see any stimuli from this will be to those that the government deems fit to become beneficiaries of our tax dollars, leaving us with less money, less disposable income, and functioning as a long series of rumble strips, rather than an accelerator, on the road to economic recovery.


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