Rendell Creates Cushy, High Paying Position for His Friend After Losing His Re-Election Bid

By Caomhin

Governor Ed Rendell, apparently unaware that there are problems with the economy and the Commonwealth is now facing a budget crisis due to his mismanagement, made sure he wouldn’t lose at least one job in the state, that of his friend, Dan Surra, who will now be appointed to a specially created post by Gov. Rendell to a salary of $95,002 per year.   That’s not a typo.  Take a moment to consider the implications of this.  Our commonwealth has gone from having a budget surplus to being deep in the red in less than 18 months. I came across this article from Keystone Politics which is a good read and only further highlights Ed Rendell’s unconditional love for spending increases.

Let me further point out Rendell’s hubris as well as his disregard for the will of the voters here in Pennsylvania with the following quote regarding Dan Surra, via Penn Live:

Rendell believed “it would have been tragic to allow that much talent to disappear from public service.”

That’s right; Ed Rendell couldn’t stand the thought of his friend Dan Surra being out of a job, what with his election defeat in November and all.  He won’t let a little thing like the will of the voters get in the way of making sure his friends are well taken care of.   I am holding out hope that the legislature will undo this injustice, but I am not certain that will occur.  What I am sure of, however, is that the PA GOP will run a strong candidate in 2010 and we will begin to restore the greatness of our Commonwealth and the strength and independence of the people of Pennsylvania.


1 Response to “Rendell Creates Cushy, High Paying Position for His Friend After Losing His Re-Election Bid”

  1. 1 sauerkraut January 23, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Hey what’s a $95k salary when you can lay off so many who make so much less?

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