Obama’s Actions Mean More than his Words

By Caomhin

Remember when Obama said that we would all have to make sacrifices for the “greater good?”  Well apparently, these sacrifices only apply to those who are not actively involved in pushing his agenda, or at least that is the appearance thus far in how he has behaved in the days leading up to his inauguration.  There is no questioning Obama’s skills as an orator, his skills as a politician, or his ability to have the media cater to his needs, but Obama’s rhetoric is not reflective of his actions and his track record of being a strident liberal, indeed having labeled himself a “progressive.”  While he is quick to have his most strident supporters try to draw comparisons to Abraham Lincoln, his policies are nowhere near those of Lincoln, but rather, he is more in tune with the policies of FDR and Herbert Hoover.

Case in point:  Obama has said nothing of the $170 million dollars spent on his election celebrations.  Apparently, sacrificing for the “greater good” did not include his calling for a toning down of the festivities in honor of himself in light of the economic realities we face today.  You will recall that the media chided President George W. Bush for his re-election celebration in 2005 that cost a fraction under $50 million dollars.  Now, the media celebrates the activities surrounding the inauguration and has largely ignored criticism of this tremendous price tag.  Obama would have been well served to publically go on record and helped to orchestrate a toned down celebration from the one currently being planned and have a large portion of the $170 million price tag diverted to charities, perhaps helping the homeless population in our nation’s capital, which is currently under a cold wave, as are we, here in Pennsylvania.

What this illustrates to me is Obama’s strident commitment to his image rather than to a leader committed to asking the citizens to make sacrifices for his political agenda.  Obama’s oratory again does not match his actions.  At some point the time will come when a well constructed and delivered prose will not mask the legislative agenda being pursued and enacted.  Indeed, it is a bit troubling to see what is being hailed as the “permanent campaign” as Obama is organizing his supporters to go out into the public in order to help pursue his legislative goals.  The campaign is over, as the executive, his job is to enforce the laws, not to have his supporters apply pressure on the legislative branch and on the population in order to have his agenda rubber-stamped.  Until his actions prove otherwise, his words, no matter how well sculpted and performed in public, are of little consequence to me.


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