Obama Proves He Is No Friend To The Pro Life Movement

By Caomhin

One thing is for sure, with Obama’s run out of the gates, he is not going to win any friends amongst those of us who are pro-life.  He has already made two decisions which have profound impacts on how human life, specifically that of the unborn, will be viewed in the new administration’s eyes. Obama has restored funding to organizations that promote and perform abortions overseas and has removed restrictions on the use of embryonic stem cells for research.

The two, of course, are not to be taken apart from the other.  As the number of abortions increases, there are greater opportunities for scientists to utilize embryonic stem cells from fetuses, previously restricted to 60 lines under President Bush.  While these issues are morally complicated when examined individually, when looked at from an aggregate position, it becomes more troubling.  Undoubtedly there will be more demand for such cells which are only attainable through an increase in a supply of fetuses.  One will therefore feed the need for the other.

While the cause of science is not to be scorned by any means, they are in fact, seeking to help people, we find ourselves at many points questioning whether the ends justifies the means.  I have previously made mention of the fact that the necessary stem cells needed for such research were attainable through the development of adult cells, yet, this proven path is now being ignored.  This of course, has far less moral questions associated with implementation.

At a time of economic crisis, we should be scaling back foreign aid.  The better path would be to pursue free trade agreements in order to promote economic growth while at the same time seeing a reduction in government expenditures.  I am not, and would never, advocate protectionism or isolationism, as they are untenable, shortsighted, and lead to great strife.  What I do question, however, is the use of American tax dollars to pay for abortions in other nations.  This is not an act of cooperation or friendship between nations.  This is the use of money earned by Americans being funneled to clinics overseas to engage in the destruction of human life.

The life of every person is precious, granted to us by God, acknowledge in our nation’s greatest documents, and this absolute truth is instilled inside each of us.  Regardless of the ends or the intentions if the means toward this goal is one that pursues the destruction of life, it should not come to pass.  The ends and the means must both be justified.


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