Pat Toomey Mulling A Bid For Governor

By Caomhin

Tremendous news from last night as it was announced that Pat Toomey is considering a run for the position of Governor of Pennsylvania.  I am thoroughly excited about this development.  As a member of the Club for Growth and a long time supporter of my former Representative to Congress, Pat is exactly what we desperately need in Pennsylvania.

While Pat is in the extremely early stages of exploring a bid, we should do as much as possible to encourage him to run.  For those of you unfamiliar with him, please check out his bio and take some time to explore the Club for Growth.  You can read a couple samples of his writings here and here, specifically they are pieces about his view on the most recent election results.  He will restore order to the budget in Pennsylvania, reform individual, property, and corporate tax rates, encourage and achieve economic growth, and bring true reform with him to Harrisburg.  I’ll post more as updates come in, but rest assured, if he’s in, we’ve got our candidate.


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