Pennsylvania’s Republican Senators Push for True Measures of Reform

By Caomhin

The GOP’s State Senators here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are showing they will not give up on the pursuit of government reforms.  This is great news to every one of their supporters and to all citizens of Pennsylvania.  Please take a moment to read the article in full, the list of propose reforms are the types of changes we absolutely need in the state, including a ban on bonuses, publication of salaries, a searchable data base of government expenditures, etc.

Special kudos goes to Sen. Pat Browne from Lehigh County, where I was on the Republican Committee before my move to Northampton County.  Sen. Browne has long been a friend of the taxpayer and to all citizens of Pennsylvania.  The searchable data base was Sen. Browne’s proposal that was added to reforms being sought.  He also should have the respect of the citizens, as well as over a third of Pennsylvania legislators (Republican and Democrat alike), for returning their pay raises and following through on an earlier promise.  While many more have yet to return the raise, the precedent set by the members who have already done so, as well as the will of the people, leave me believing even more will follow suit.  Our Commonwealth has unlimited potential despite the problems we face.  Enacting strong reforms will help us to restore faith in our government and help us overcome the challenges that we face.


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