John Carter’s “Rangel Rule”

By Caomhin

John Carter (R-TX) introduced a bill with what he called the “Rangel Rule,” whereby citizens would not be penalized by the IRS for making tax payments late.  Carter made sure to point out that Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and newly appointed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner were not penalized by the IRS after they knowingly failed to pay taxes until much later in the future.  Carter’s point here is twofold.  The first, of course, is highlighting the double standard that our employees (the Government) get from their co-workers (in this example, the IRS), while punishing their employers (the tax payers) who engage in the same behavior.  The difference of course, is that for a lot of ordinary citizens, their mistakes are simple and honest, and yet, they are met with stringent penalties.

However, when you are a member of Congress or an unqualified tax evader who gets appointed to Treasury Secretary you can rest assured you will face no penalties.  Such a double standard is appalling and needs to be addressed.  Either fine both Rangel and Geithner (who should have faced considerable opposition, but did not), remove them from their posts, or extend the same courtesy to every single citizen in this nation.  No one is above the law and everyone must be held to the same standard.  John Carter should be congratulated for being so creative in bringing this to halls of Congress and to the attention of the American people.


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