Massively Flawed Democratic Spending Frenzy Passes

By Caomhin

Well, they went ahead and did it. The House of Representatives approved Obama’s $819 billion dollar liberal special interest spending appropriation, which the media is inexplicably calling a stimulus plan. The only bright side to this development is that a total of 0 Republicans voted for this pork laden bill.

Among the things being neglected by the media is the enormous increases in welfare payments in the bill.  “Tax Rebates” to people who pay no taxes is a welfare payment.  There is no other way to phrase that.

Carbon capture programs, another liberal wish list item, are also on the menu.   While they are surely not going to create new jobs for the average American, they sure will make the environmental groups who pumped funds in the Democratic Party’s election coffers very happy.  I’ll sleep a little easier knowing that while thousands of people are losing their jobs that somewhere in Southern California someone is probably sticking a giant cotton swab into the tailpipe of an SUV with my tax dollars.

I’m sure glad that the tax withholding rates will allow most individuals to keep about $12 extra per paycheck.  Perhaps people who are struggling to pay their mortgage with shortfalls of much larger amounts will appreciate that greatly as well.  That will certainly help them out.

Obama has said that this generous serving of pork and payoffs will help to “create or save” millions of jobs.  I can guarantee you that it will not create millions of jobs.  As far as “saving” millions of jobs, I’d like to see how they plan on quantifying that. I’ve previously discussed this matter before as Larry Summers set the bar so low for Obama that anything short of our reaching 10% unemployment will be seen as Obama “saving” jobs.  Anyone want to place a wager that the media will be complicit in this propaganda effort?

Credit was what got us into the problems that we face today, so what do the Democrats do?  They double down and take out another massive amount of credit that can’t guarantee anything other than future tax increases.  There is a saying that “crisis precipitates change,” but this is not the change we need, want, nor deserve.  We don’t deserve our futures and those of our children and grandchildren being mortgaged by greedy politicians who have no understanding of how the economy works.  We don’t need change when the change they are talking about is oppressive amounts of debt and horrible policy decisions that will continue to grow under the “leadership” of the Democrats.


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