Obama Thought the New Deal was Too Small?

By Kevin C. Donnelly

According to Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and Rob Bishop(R-UT), Obama had told them in a closed door meeting that the reason the FDR’s New Deal did not solve the Great Depression was that the expenditures were too low.  That is quite scary when one considers the implications.  The New Deal was the largest and expansive program in the history of America, one that has had drastic implications for our nation for generations.

You’ll recall that sizeable portions of the New Deal were rendered unconstitutional and that many of these programs are still causing considerable strain on the US budget even to this day.  The late, great, Milton Freidman, successfully argued that the Great Depression was caused more so by the failures of the Federal Reserve System to properly manage the money supply than any other cause.  Likewise, it was through the control of the money supply, rather than World Word II which had ended the Great Depression.  It took years for the Fed to get its act in order and correct the true cause of the Depression.  Politicians being politicians, however, FDR used this crisis as an opportunity to put massive programs upon the backs of the American taxpayer, many of which are deeply in the red today.

The fact that Obama views the New Deal as being too small of an expenditure as to have fixed the Great Depression reveals a great deal about him.  First, he is oblivious to the history of the Depression, its causes and its cures.  Second, despite the hype surrounding him that he is somehow an optimistic and hopeful leader, this is far from true, for if he is comparing today’s circumstances to the Great Depression, than he once again is showing a lack of historical knowledge or a great deal of pessimism about our future despite what he professes in his speeches.  Politicians who feel that the New Deal did not go far enough in expanding the government and its role in the lives of the American citizens are no friends to liberty loving individuals.  As the government grows larger and begins dictating what citizens can and cannot do, how they can spend, and what they can spend their money on, then our individual freedoms and liberties will deteriorate.


1 Response to “Obama Thought the New Deal was Too Small?”

  1. 1 thesoulofthecreator January 30, 2009 at 2:13 am

    Well every time we go through an economic crisis people harken back to the depression, but it is a different time and a different way of how the world works. The New Deal was good for its time but not today, things need to be fixed, and hard choices need to be made, and if we can put more people to work then let us do it.

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