Obama’s Got a Fevah, and the Only Cure is More Spending

By Caomhin

The Obama Administration is talking about spending another $2 trillion dollars on banking bailouts.  I distinctly recall Obama talking about personal responsibilities and something about “hope” and how “we are the ones we have waited for,” but while that may be true for his supporters, the next few generations of Americans are not going to be filled with hope when his Administration sticks them with $2.8 trillion dollars of new debt less than a month into his time in office.  I’m also fairly certain that they won’t be waiting for this to happen with excitement either.   For those keeping track of the numbers, we have the $800 billion plus liberal spending package on a fast track and now talk of up to another $2 trillion dollars in bailouts.  Assuming this is it for his first 30 days (which it won’t be) that works out to new spending of $93.3 billion per day.

Anyone want to wager that he’s going to have to reconsider his tax cut plan?  Not the portion for those who aren’t earning a wage at all, of course they’re going to get a “rebate” check, but for anyone who’s working, rest assured the Democrats will are already licking their chops and salivating at the thought of a tax increase to keep funding their pet projects and continuing the bailout madness.  When you consider the numbers it’s staggering.  $2.8 trillion dollars also works out to $8,000 for every man, woman, child, and baby in this nation (assuming a population of 350 million).  So, ask yourself, if you were going to spend $2.8 trillion dollars to help out the American people, prop up retail sales, and help people pay their mortgages, which works better, giving everyone $8,000 or giving money to STD prevention groups, carbon capture demonstration projects, corporate bailouts, etc.?

The number should not even approach that high anyway.  Congress, and in particular Democrats, are putting on a little dog and pony show and then go running to their media buddies howling about how the world is going to end if we don’t cough up the cash and bow their wishes.  Meanwhile, they have demonstrated, time and again, that they have no clue how the economy works or what the American people truly need and want.  Years down the road when we all see our tax rates jacked through the roof we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t get involved in the process and demand that Congress listen to the people rather than their biggest Party donors and lobbyist friends.


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