The 3 Little Turncoats

by Riss

Has anyone actually read the Stimulus Bill? An easy to read version can be found at  Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania have pledged their support of this Bill.  While the Northeast has lost almost all Republican values, these 3 Senators were our only hope for our voices to be heard.  While it is known by most that these 3 Senators are moderate, I am going to throw it out there and state that they are really stupid as well.  This turncoat tactic will give the 60 votes needed for the 827 billion dollar Spending Bill to pass filled with pork, more pork and alot of unnecessary crap.  Complete garbage really, all of which will not stimulate the economy, just overflow it with inflation.

Collins stated in an interview that “she may change her mind if the bill comes back bloated with wasteful spending.” Well, Senator Collins, it’s already filled with wasteful spending. I guess you must be confused. The proposed 40% tax cut may help us Americans, but really, the remaining 60% is still PORK.  So the government is still spending above and beyond what should be spent when America is struggling as a whole.

If the required 60 votes are acquired Monday, the bill will go to vote Tuesday and the Republicans that are not for the bill will not have a shut down debate.  So this Bill is going to pass and may God help us all.

I understand that in politics some people have to be thrown to the wolves, but I am against this bill.  I feel like the voices of us Americans who understand what this Bill represents for our futures are not being heard.  I do not understand what the rush is for the Spending Bill and how the percentage that will actually be released over this next year will actually help anyone.  It’s unfortunate that this Bill is being slammed down our throats, I just wish that more of a fight was put up.  It’s also unfortunate for all of us, that no matter what, this bill was going to pass in some way.  I am so disgusted.  The agenda of the new President is now insanely clear and I urge everyone to brace themselves and to get their Congressman/woman’s phone number on speed dial.  While being heard may not help and while we will probably be shut down by the Obama administration for having rational thoughts, it’s worth a shot regardless and we cannot give up.

If you want to contact the 3 Senators who support the Spending Bill:

Senator Susan Collins (202) 228-5818

Senator Olympia Snow (202) 224-5344

Senator Arlen Specter (202) 224-4254 or Allentown (610) 434-1444

Thank you Senator Collins, Snow and Specter. You are the BEST.  Turncoats.


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