The Coming Conference Committee Nightmare

by Caomhin

Despite the best efforts by those of us responsible enough to actually take the time to read through the bill and understand many of the “hidden” components (hidden those in Congress, who you know, didn’t actually read what they were voting for) that are nothing more than either Liberal Trojan Horses to begin the Federal take-over of healthcare or the out and out lie about their being no earmarks in the “stimulus” bill, they passed it. Now the bill heads to a Conference Committee where such fiscally responsible and rational Congressional leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will try to work out a “compromise”, which in liberal speak, amount to “raising the price tag.”  Now, it is already common knowledge that when you include interest costs this particular bill will come to a total cost of $2 trillion dollars to the American taxpayers.

One can only imagine what Pelosi and Reid’s band of tax and spenders can possibly add to this bill that will further burden the American tax payer and hang ever increasing amounts of oppressive debt upon future generations of Americans.  What truly is mind boggling about the whole process is that it truly does appear that very few people are actually reading the bill.  Arlen Specter got caught not doing his home work after he found out about the provision I had linked in the opening paragraph of this article.  Who knows how many more are being hoodwinked by the “politics of hope” that promises total and complete Armageddon that will make Mad Max’s adventures seen like a walk in the park if we do not pass Obama’s Porkfest 2009.  It’s amazing how his “soaring rhetoric” that once sent shivers up Chris Matthews’ leg has so quickly gone from rainbows and butterflies to tales of utter catastrophe…unless we do what he says.

As a matter of fact, to show you just how strong of a command that the new administration has on the economy, Tim Geithner (see: tax cheat) was laughed at today by others in Washington when he admitted he couldn’t even provide a figure.  Some say it’s in the neighborhood of $2 trillion, but rest assured, Obama’s hand picked man, the only man he could conceivably put in this position, will figure out a number sometime soon.  Perhaps the first thirteen digit number he finds on a random numbers table.

For those keeping score, if we add the $2 trillion dollars from the stimulus bill (total cost, including interest) to the new $2 trillion dollars being talked about for TARP Part 2, we’re up to $4 trillion dollars…in Obama’s first two months in office.  Excuse me, almost the first two months.  Really let that sink in for a moment.  Then remind yourself that Pelosi and Reid, as well nearly all of the liberals in Congress, believe that the government is not spending enough with these price tags.  Keep in mind these funds will further choke out private investment in the future and have intangible costs both on our economy and our national psyche.  Entitlements will also continue to swell and that money has to come from somewhere.  Only a fool would think that Obama is only going to raise taxes on the “wealthy,” unless of course, by “wealthy” he means “employed”.”


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