Liberals Call Sam Malone in from Left Field

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by Caomhin

Remember in Cheers, Ted Danson was the washed up, ex-alcoholic relief pitcher?  Apparently he’s on some show now on FX.  Not only that, but he’s the hand picked spokesperson for liberals to go on TV in front of Congress and push to reinstate the expired moratorium on off-shore drilling.  Now, before I begin to elaborate, let me just say, we already know what Obama is going do.  He’s already cancelled leases on land.

Once again, we see another shining example of liberal logic, another “progressive” so gripped by fear that they think that technology has stood still since the Industrial Revolution began.  That somehow it has never become cleaner, more reliable, and less evasive than in the past.  They argue vehemently that it will take time to see results from drilling off shore.  I’d remind them that it takes time to see results from anything. Taking time to develop and implement, of course, does not mean that it is not worth pursuing.  They say there isn’t enough oil and natural gas to “truly” have an impact on America.  Forward-thinking indeed.  Technology has rapidly improved over time and will continue to do so.  We will need less resources with these vastly improved technologies and accompanying leaps in efficiency.

No one is making the argument that drilling off shore will completely solve our problems.  Once again though we see how truly frightened some on the left are of technology and increased levels of self sufficiency.  Note to the left:  hybrids still need some gas to run, plastics are developed with petroleum, etc.  Why decry the destruction of American manufacturing when they stand in the way of our ability to harvest our natural resources and send the price of development and production skyrocketing, hindering the ability of the manufacturing sector to thrive in the first place?  Drilling on land and off-shore will not solve all of our problems but it will go a long way towards helping us in the long run; strengthening both our economy and our national defense.  Maybe ol’ Sammy and his cohorts are off the wagon again.


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