By Riss

Pre election when the sun was shining straight from President Obama’s rear and hope was brought to light for some because of it. Hardy Har Har.

Rumor on the streets is that Obama will sign the Spending Bill Tuesday.

I was just on the White House website looking for the clarity and transparency of the Spending Bill and there isn’t anything posted! No more secrecy Mr. President? What happened to every Bill being posted online for all to read? What happened to us being informed of any pork project that lands on your desk? The Bill is filled with 75% of complete PORK and the remaining 25% is tax cuts which will basically not benefit anyone.  Hope, change and um uh um, dare I say it… lies!

Are you getting it now America? This Administration does not care about you or your money.  They do not care if you are struggling to put food on the table, they do not and will not EVER care.

President Obama considers this Bill “a major milestone to our road to recovery.” Really? It’s the exact opposite President Obama, it’s just (in transparent terms) the road to our demise.  Although, our roads will be smooth from paving and the bridges sturdier because of it. It makes me giggle actually, all the people looking for a handout from Obama could careless about our infrastructure.  Oops, look what you voted for? More giggles.  Sadness of the loss of hope is looming.  Sorry hope seekers, try educating yourself before you vote next time.

Congratulations on your milestone Mr. President, I hope you are enjoying a nice fatty slice of bacon this morning.


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