Audacity of a Dope

By: Brian S.

Campaign promises broken, Lies and Deception, Vacations Abound, Tell me it isn’t so………Well people I wish I was lying but unfortunately I am not. I just got back from Florida and happened to have the privilege of being within  20 miles of the “Great One” (Sorry Wayne Gretzky the man stole your moniker) and his first Town Hall Meeting held in Fort Meyers Florida. While some of you may have got the snippets on a cable news channel I got the full monty on local TV down in FLA.  All I can say is wow. Where the hell has our country gone. I felt like I was watching a evangelical healing seminar and I was taken back to the movie Holy Roller where Steven Martin bilks the people out of money while he supposedly “Heals” people in his audience from terminal illnesses.
There was a woman who made all the cable news outlets with her plea for a home. She told “the Great One” her story about how she was homeless and living with her son in their car at the local park. All of a sudden Obama came off his Alter and laid his healing hand on the ladies head and poof a Republican from the district gave this woman a roof over her head. For a second there I thought she would fall backwards into the hands of the audience like those crazy preachers we have seen in the past who cure cancer with a hand to the head and a $500 check written to cash in the preachers name.
Then just when I thought I had seen it all, up pops a 20 year old degenerate wearing an “KING OBAMA” t-shirt. He saw the healing happening and he thought Obama could provide him full time work. He currently works part time at a local fast food joint and he was looking for some more benefits. What the hell….oh I got it Obama the union negotiator was up on stage. I started thinking what I could do for this kid that obviously he missed out on when the rest of us were paying attention in school and learning. I have no clue who to blame here. My guess is its the school system for starters as well as very neglectful parents.
I found myself saying first we will give you a shower, then we will teach you to read, then we will teach you to dress properly, then we will teach you how to act in public but then I realized he wants no part of this plan I have for him but rather he just wanted to be given something for free. This went on for entirely too long as minion after minion went to the crown prince asking for the weekly reparations.
When has this country guaranteed equal results for less then equal efforts. I know Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness is a right I also realize that it doesn’t guarantee equal results. When has being lazy become a profession.
As a side note why the hell was that bill signed with 8 hours notice and absolutely nobody actually read it……I thought the earth would implode if it wasn’t signed by Friday and what about that poor elected official who had to hustle back on the taxpayers dollar from his mothers wake to put the final nail in Americas Coffin.  Oh I forgot Obama had to wine and dine his beast and shoot some pick up hoops. Talk about pulling the wool over the American people eyes. Wake up people we are only a decision or two away from being Russia.



1 Response to “Audacity of a Dope”

  1. 1 llabesab February 17, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Has any President ever gotten off to a worse start?

    1. Daschle. 2. Geithener. 3. Killebrand. 4. Holder. 5. “No lobbyists in my administration.” 6. “Every bill I sign will be on the Web for 5 days before I sign it.” 7. A Deputy Attorney General who works for the Porn Industry. 8. A Solicitor General who has never appeared before the US Supreme Court or any other Appellate Court. 9. 3 vacations in 26 days. 10. Spends 2-3 hours playing pick-up basketball in Chicago but takes over 4 days to sign his “hurry-up” Stimulus Package. 11. Orders Gitmo closed but doesn’t know where to put the inmates. 12. Hasn’t a clue about what to do with Pakistan who just approved the application of “Sharia Law” to members of the Taliban. 13. Biggest stock market dive of any President.

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