Kudos to Michelle Bachmann

The GOP Representative from Minnesota penned an entry in The Hill’s Congress Blog which is well worth giving a full read.  Rep. Bachmann, rightfully supported by The Club for Growth during her successful re-election campaign, hits on numerous points while explaining the dangers of the United States keeping the corporate tax rates at such high levels.  Here’s a snippet:

This might come as a surprise to you, but the United States is near the top of the list of industrialized countries with the highest corporate tax rates.

You may be asking yourself “so what,” or “who cares,” but it’s important to recognize that lower corporate tax rates result in attracting more investment capital. A reduction of the federal corporate tax rate would increase firms’ productivity and investment incentives, and ultimately stimulate our nation’s long-term competitiveness by enhancing economic freedom.  The end result would be a boon to your family budget.

It’s a quick read and very much worth your time. 


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