Michael Steele is On Point

by Caomhin

There’s a nice article in the Washington Times today about Michael Steele’s efforts to help rebuild and re-brand the GOP.  Described as a hip-hop makeover, Steele is going to do something that has been needed to be done for quite a long time and is sorely overdue:  start voicing the message of personal freedom and limited government as loudly as possible to younger people, the inner-cities, and minority groups.  I’m an avid listener of underground hip-hop and it comprises about 95% of my music catalog, but hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle and a culture as well.

I’ve long since wondered why there was never a true effort to spread our effort through an organized means to the people of my generation.  It’s mind boggling really.  I’m glad that Chairman Steele will not make the same mistake and simply ignore our demographic.  I’ve had many a conversation and numerous debates with my friends who are die hard Democrats but have never truly given a reason as to why other than to provide a false argument of, “Republicans are only for the rich.”  We know that’s simply not true, but there has, for whatever reason, been no coordinated effort on behalf of the party to reach out to other groups while providing our approaches and ideas rather than simply pointing out the fatal flaws in the Democrats’ arguments.

I think it’s pretty apparent that we’re far behind on utilizing the Internet on the Party level in order to spread our message.  The Right Wing Blogosphere has done a great job in this effort, especially in demonstrating that Republicans come from a wide array of lifestyles having a great sense of humor and a passion and dedication to many issues.  In some ways, I think the Republican Party would best be served to at least maintain libertarian traditions of great leaders like Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, and others.  We are not the party who should be ostracizing people for not towing the Party lines at all times, but at the core of our principles must be the dedication to limited government and lower taxes.  These are the corner stones of individual freedom and we must never forget that.  The plans and the paths that we forge going forward must always keep those principles in mind and we must remain totally dedicated toward these efforts.  Should we stick to these convictions and bring our message to the areas that have wrongfully been neglected in the past, we will rebuild our party stronger than ever with a new fueled passion that will resonate throughout the nation and swell our ranks.


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