Another Day, Another Trillion Dollars

By Caomhin

$1.044 Trillion to be little more exact, not that the extra $44 Billion should be ignored, but sufficed to say that the numbers are always growing, and always under-reported from our friends in the media.  First up, another $410 Billion spending bill (on top of the stimulus, mind you) stuffed with literally, “thousands” of earmarks, something already getting staunch support from known pork-lover Harry Reid.  Defending the indefensible and irresponsible is becoming all too common among our so called Congressional “leaders”, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Shortly after taking a massive loan from future generations of Americans with such vital programs as buying greener golf carts, they’re back at it again.

Remember when we kept telling people over and over again how a Democratic controlled House, Senate, and Presidency would make the deficits of the Bush years seem like chump change?  Recall, also, how we stated that they would just spend wildly and blatantly ram earmarks down the American’s people throats in violation of the trust of the American people?  Yea, we said many of things along these lines and were blasted by liberals who simply scream and wail anytime they are questioned.  Yea, well, proof is in the pudding.  Anyone still think they’re not going to get their taxes raised sometime in the not too distant future?  Remember, wealthy to liberals is defined simply as “employed.”

So that brings me to the second of today’s announcements of the coming heroin-addict like spend fest (yes, we’re far beyond Sen.. John McCain’s comparisons of Congress spending money like a drunken sailor, very far beyond that).  Obama is looking for a “down payment” (yea, down payment, not total funding, mind you) of $634 Billion for his health care program.  Still think we’re not heading for socialized medicine?  Anyone?  They keep saying no, but recall that there were provisions in the stimulus bill that gave the Federal Government more control of your personal health care now coupled with a massive spending request and this is just “getting started”.  After all, that’s what a down payment is, right?  After all, if it was one and done (which would still be yet another staggering debt being tacked onto the backs of Americans) it would be called a “purchase.”

For those keeping track at home, and I know I certainly am, we’re now at over $4 Trillion dollars spent by Congress and Obama in less than 5 weeks on the job.  Over $1 Trillion here, $2 Trillion for the coming TARP 2.0 (not technically spent yet, but they’re planning for it’;  anyone want to bet on it’s passage?), and over $1 trillion dollars for Porkfest 2009 when interest charges are calculated.  Still, they keep blaming President Bush for this, but guess what?  He’s not in office anymore.  He’s not the one authorizing this spending and signing off on it.  The national debt has skyrocketed since Obama and the 111th Congress took their respective oaths…and it WILL get worse.


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