Yes, The Delivery Could Have Been Better, But…

By Caomhin

I didn’t get a chance to see Gov. Bobby Jindal’s speech last night, but I was definitely excited about Gov. Jindal having the opportunity to speak to the American people.  At Marissa’s urging I went online and watched the speech.  Yes, the delivery for this particular speech was not great.  I thought overall it was solid though.  The substance was outstanding.  Gov. Jindal conveyed a great message in a very articulate, logical fashion.  No games, no flair, no non-sense.  In contrast, yes, Obama, is a very energetic and flamboyant speaker, but that’s OK.

Stylistically, I’ve seen Gov. Jindal on his game many times, and he is an excellent speaker, a man dedicated to the people of Louisiana and to our nation as a whole.  He’s one of those rare individuals who sweats the details and does so with great pride, protecting the citizens of his state.  That can not be understated nor should it be underappreciated.

Now, regardless of how he did last night, you know the hard left was going to denigrate him no matter what.  They were also going to praise Obama no matter what he did, evidenced by the fact that reviews about his speech were out literally hours before he actually gave the speech.  Left wingers have been playing for blood for quite some time and they will trash and demonize anyone whom they perceive to be a threat.  It’s business and personal with them.  I think the treatment of Gov. Palin is ample evidence of that.

I also got a chance to watch a clip of his appearance on the Today show from early Yesterday.

Good stuff.  I thought he did much better on the Today show.  He’s great away from the teleprompter; he’s better when he’s speaking from the heart and not the page, something that can’t be said about Obama.  Marissa has made that point about Obama for a long, long, time.

Gov. Jindal is correct with his arguments and assessments.  His logic is extremely solid.  What he lacked in flair he made up for in substance.  He meticulously scoured through the stimulus bill, rejecting the parts which would be harmful to citizens of Louisiana and encroached upon the rights of the state.  So if nothing else, we know at least one person who actually took the time to read the bill, analyze it, and understand it.  That’s more than anyone in Washington did.  That’s real leadership.  That’s responsibility.  That’s the kind of thing we need in this nation.


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