Toomey to Challenge Specter

By Caomhin

You’ll remember how amped I was when it seemed eminent that Pat Toomey would be running for Governor of Pennsylvania.  I had an opportunity a couple of weeks ago to meet Rep. Toomey and talk with him a few minutes.  I thanked him for all of his service that he gave to me as a constituent of his district and also shared a few choice words about Sen.. Specter with regards to his voting for Porkfest 2009.  I don’t recall the exact words, but it was something along the lines of, “if I have to pull out one more the daggers he’s put in my back, I’m going to bleed out.”  Rep. Toomey probably doesn’t recall me or my comment, who knows. I can guarantee, however, that I’m not the only one who’s said something like this to him.  In fact, he’s probably heard something similar many, many times.

I had the opportunity to hear the President of The Club for Growth give a rousing speech on spending and fiscal responsibility and how desperate Pennsylvania is for real leadership.  He gave an articulate speech about limited government, free markets, and empowering the individual.  The bulk of the speech was directed at how the government here in Pennsylvania has been run under Fast Eddy Rendell, but he made key points about the situation on the federal level as well.  It was an incredible speech and I was convinced more than ever that he would be our next governor.  I don’t mind being wrong, in retrospect.

I’m quite excited to hear the news that Pat Toomey has decided to run a primary challenge to Arlen Specter once more.  More so, I have no doubt he is going to win the primary, of that, I am sure.  I will do everything in my power to make this happen.  I will help him win the Senate seat in any way possible.   He is EXACTLY the kind of person whose leadership we desperately need.

There are just a few points I want to make here before I wrap this post up.  First, I distinctly recall over the last few days Toomey warning Specter about the Check Card Vote, to not go along with this disastrous liberal anti-secret ballot measure.  Today, there was news out that Obama has told the unions that Check Card will pass sometime this year.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this most likely means.  Specter is going to vote for this bill as well, further weakening the rights of individuals and harming the economy in the process.  I think Toomey knows this as well and he can’t sit idly by and let our economy face disaster after disaster coming out of Congress.  He’s the right man for the job and exactly what we need.  I know it, he knows it, and soon the majority of voters in the Commonwealth will show this to be true at the ballot box (in a secret ballot, by the way).

The last point I’ll make on the implications of this is that with Toomey running for the Senate seat, I think our Governor’s race is going to come down to Tom Corbett and Pat Meehan (a Specter ally) in the primary, unless Joe Scarnati gets involved as well.  In the end though, we could pull off something great in 2010 with Toomey winning in the Senate and Corbett going to Harrisburg as our new governor.  It’s going to be a great election cycle for the Commonwealth.


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