Ros-Lehtinen Sticks Up for America, Blasts UN

By Caomhin

It’ll be interesting to see how much coverage this story gets, but Ileana Ros-Lehtinen deserves a great deal of praise for standing up for the American Taxpayer and taking a UN official for task to referring to our nation as “the biggest deadbeat.” That is an utterly moronic statement.  As it stand we do far too much for the UN as it is and all we ever get in return are repeated slaps to the face.

I’m very happy that Rep. Ros-Lehtinen rose to the occasion to put this moron in their place.  In fact, you should really read the whole thing if you haven’t already done so.  She pulls no punches on them and it’s about time one of our elected officials did it, and in a clear, “no doubt about it” manner.  I’d hold out hope that there would be some type of reprisal from our government as a whole for such an outright slander against our citizens and our nation, but I think the odds of that occurring are slim to none.  In fact, I’m expecting Obama, Nancy, Hillary, Harry, and rest of the far left crew to start forming some sort of bailout bill for the UN sometime soon.  I’m also pretty confident our new Congress and Administration will further erode the rights of the individuals that make up our great nation and sacrifice more of our sovereignty by enacting the Law of the Sea Treaty.  It’s at least somewhat comforting to know that we have at least one elected willing to go on record and call out the UN in no uncertain terms.


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