Beyond Aggravated

By Riss

I know that the rumor on the street is that little conservative girls can’t be pissed off or state that they are pissed off, but I am completely beyond pissed off!  And I am going to vent and I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t like it. I don’t care!

Our Congress is a bunch of moronic clowns.  Absolute ass hats.  Before I go off, I want to make it completely clear that I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER THINK IT’S A GOOD IDEA FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BAIL OUT ANY ENTITY! But what completely bogs my mind down, and makes my head hurt, is that now these clowns think it’s ok to tax the people in these bailout companies after they already gave them the money!  WHY WHY WHY wasn’t this stipulation in the Bill to begin with? Why is it ok for the government to come in and void pre-existing contracts that they knew were in place ? WHY? Nobody seems to be able to answer that pesky question, yet now the government is voiding contracts and voiding OUR CONSTITUTION! Scary right? Everyone wants to NOW be mad about the bailouts, including our wonderful President but a few months back, nobody had the brains to call their Congress Rep and say HELL NO! But NOW it’s a huge problem, MORONS!

Be mad at the government for the continuous bailouts, be mad that our government keeps sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong, be mad at President Obama and our award winning Congress and their RUSH TO SAVE AMERICA (without reading the Bills), be mad that these companies failed due to complete incompetence and be REALLY MAD when the government starts telling you when you can flush the toilet in your own damn house.  No more rights for anyone! Socialist? Oh yes, I DECLARE IT!

The ramifications of this new taxation go way beyond Uncle ObamaSam getting OUR money back, you just gave up the legality of ANY contract. Some are saying, well gee, I didn’t think of it that way and I don’t like that, well now I am saying to you, DID YOU SAY NO? DID YOU CALL YOUR HOUSE REP AND SAY NO? Anyone who sat back and didn’t say anything, can’t be mad, because you didn’t tell your elected REP what you thought! Be PROUD America! Obama voters, be insanely PROUD OF YOUR HOPE AND CHANGE, we can now officially be called a Socialist nation. You got what you wanted, don’t blame me, I voted for the old guy and don’t blame me on the bailouts, I called my Congressman, Scott Garrett on the regular. BLAME YOURSELF!

Bill 143 To impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients.

Ok, so which recipients are we talking about besides AIG? I bet it will be like everything else in the HOUSE OF REP CIRCUS, they will just play it by ear.  Maybe this will include Bank of America, Wells Fargo…the list will just go on and on until WE all get taxed 80% because these CLOWNS made some really crappy decisions over the past 6 months.  Just wait, we will be paying more for this then the executives at any of the bailed out companies individually in taxes.  That’s how Obama and his cronies roll, I can’t wait. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT, I NEVER THOUGHT IT COULD BE THIS EASY.  This is just so unbelievably exciting. I wonder if Michelle Obama is still proud of our country now? I wonder if President Obama is having fun making basketball brackets and hanging out with Jay Leno? It’s all a joke anyway, right America?  More like a nightmare that WE THE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWING TO HAPPEN. THINKING ON YOUR OWN IS NOW OFFICIALLY PROHIBITED. CONGRATULATIONS.


2 Responses to “Beyond Aggravated”

  1. 1 ptholmes March 19, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    You’re pissed. I like it.

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