All Children Left Behind

By Caomhin

Or at least left out of the White House.   Though I suppose letting hundreds of children cry because Obama didn’t have the time for them or care that 6 year olds took a planned bus trip to the White House, and were full of excitement to visit,  and were then turned away is probably some sort of grand metaphor for their reaction to the first paycheck they’ll ever get years from now under the Democrats tax and spend ambitions, this was just insane.  I mean really.  Look, I know a lot of people have touched on this issue, but I just want to make two points.  First, do you really think the Pittsburgh Steelers players would have cared if they would have to stay late on their trip there, or wouldn’t have enjoyed, I don’t know, co-mingling with the young kids?  Wouldn’t that have been great for those kids?  Meeting with the President and the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers?  I know if I was a kid, that would have thought that was really cool.  Do you think for a minute that Troy Polamalu wouldn’t have been rolling on the White House Lawn with a few of those kids?  They would have had a blast.  But, nah, let’s let them sit at the gate crying because, really, when is there ever traffic in the D.C. area?

The second point I want to make about this was that even if Barack wasn’t able to meet with those kids, where was Michelle?  Where was Oprah’s so called “greatest first lady ever” at?  She’s even more over-rated and hyped up than Barack, and that’s no small feat.  Though given their extremely liberal stance on abortion (rhetoric is one thing, but his voting record in the Illinois legislature and the US Senate are the real proof about how he feels on the issue) you’d think that since they had the the grand luck of actually leaving a  womb they would have at least tried to accommodate the kids in some way.  Even throwing them a bone in Biden would have been cool.  They could have eaten ice cream together.


The Obama’s only care about photo ops but I suppose TOTUS could only handle one event at a time, putting two prepared speeches on his plate at the same time would have probably caused him to crash, thus embarrassing his Press Secretary, Barack Obama.  Oh well.  But you know it’s bad when an NBC affiliate calls you out and provides the greatest photo captioning ever.



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