Chrysler Closings Based on Partisan Decision and Other Harbingers of Things To Come

By Caomhin

Thus is/was the true role of the “car czar?”  If it’s true I’m not too shocked to honest with you.  I can’t wait to see what Obama’s “energy czar” and “internet czar” do.  On a related topic, the Obama administration and media should look up was “tsar” is and stop obsessing over archaic Russian royalty titles.

If indeed Chrysler decisions were based on partisan politics, which would wouldn’t surprise me one single bit, then the media needs to get off Obama’s lap and stop licking him in the face for a little while and start reporting this.  It is highly unlikely to happen of course.  Follow the link though to keep up with all the updates.  The administration using political power to crush dissent? Check.  Seizure of personal property?  Check.  But not to worry, it’s not like they will do the same thing with GM right?  There’s no need to worry about the much larger and much more expansive and nearly suicidal cap and trade scheme either.

So while we’re alluding to Eminent Domain you’ll be glad to know that Sonia Sotomayor is right up Obama’s alley on the issue.   She too has no respect for personal ownership rights.  However, no one must question or oppose her nomination, after all, we’ve been told be be careful, which of course, could be taken as some sort of threat in most parts of the world.  Feel free to dig around to find some more information about the nominee.  I’m sure you’re already aware that she has no idea what the difference between the legislative and judicial branches of government.

So in addition to all this talk about a Value Added Tax being added to all sales in this nation (as a supplement to and not replacement of income tax), the seizure of private property, the government takeover of financial institutions and not allowing companies to opt out of the arrangements, these decisions being based on partisan politics and campaign contributions, cap and trade suicidal energy policies, new government posts to oversee even more aspects of everyday life, massive deficits, and out of control spending…..within the administration’s first five months….we really have nothing to worry out.  Except for the nuclear tests and missiles that North Korea seem to be shooting off with much more frequency lately and Iran’s speed up to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.  Don’t worry though, when Obama’s on his next Time magazine cover, probably in a few weeks, things should be looking up.  After all, it’s not as if the last time North Korea test fired missile, he just paid it some lip service and that strongly worded letter from the UN had no effect.


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