A Ray of Hope?

By Caomhin

One can only hope.  It was announced today that the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the sale of Chrysler as one of the victims of the Obama administration’s power grab pension fund managers was granted a stay as they challenged the Constitutionality of the matter.  Now, it’s very apparent that the whole situation is unconstitutional to those who are closely monitoring the situation (note also the threats leveled by the Administration against those who opposed the sale) but the media, surprise, surprise, did little to report on either the threats or the actual terms of the deal and the socialist redistribution of private assets.  While I don’t think that Justice Kennedy will have the stones to stand up to Obama, what’s interesting is to note which justice ordered the temporary stay.  It was Justice Ginsberg.

Sadly, I still believe that the so called swing members of the SCOTUS will allow this shady deal to go through.  However, there is some hope.  If Ginsberg was at least willing to grant a stay, they may actually hear this case out and if they do, then the hard handed, threatening tactics of the Administration, at least some of them, may come to better light.  If that’s the case, it’s a small victory I’m sure many of us will gladly take.  This deal should never have been approved and the American people are being fleeced by special interest groups and the White House.


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