PA Democrats: We’re Going to Raise Your Taxes No Matter What

By Caomhin

I’ve posted about it before and here I am posting about it again.  Liberals are liberals no matter where they are from.  For people who go around patting themselves on the back for being “progressive” they sure are regressive and seemingly uneducated on all matters pertaining to mathematics, finance, and common sense.  I hope you’re ready for a fight, be you moderate Democrat, Libertarian, or GOP because the House Dems threw down today and reassured the citizens of the Commonwealth, that yes, they are coming for your wallets by outright rejecting the GOP budget proposal:

The bill, crafted by the Senate Republican caucus and passed in that chamber last month, cut spending in Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposed $29 billion budget to $27.3 billion. It contained no tax increases, and limited reliance on one-time sources of revenue.

But supporters said it did a better job of matching state spending commitments with revenues.

Rendell and House Democrats, however, have maintained that the Senate budget was much harsher to those in need of state services than it needed to be, by failing to tap valuable resources like a $750 million cash reserve, or any of several tax increases proposed by the governor.

Got that?  There was a bill that would have cut spending, contained no tax increases, and limited one time revenues but Democrats just couldn’t do it because they absolutely, positively needed to raise taxes, increase spending, and increase the state deficit.  No other alternatives existed in their minds.  So I hope your ready to remind them, especially at the ballot box, that we will not and cannot pay for their incompetence and stupidity any longer.


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    Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

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