Obama: If you Give me Enough Money, I’ll Give you an Ambassadorship

By Caomhin

It is repulsive that the media just keeps right no ignoring the fact that Obama is paying back his big time campaign donors by giving them Ambassadorships.  In Obama’s Administration, you can easily buy your way into key positions.  All that talk of transparency and making government work for the “average” person? Hahaha.  We’re hitting our “I Told You So” button yet again. The spoils system is alive and well with Obama.

It is disgraceful that any politician would follow this path, especially the President of this nation.  There is no excuse for this, but don’t think for one minute that you’re going to see this issue pressed upon by the mainstream media, whom by the way, overwhelmingly donated to Obama as well.  It appears that they mainstream media is now the Press Ambassador, gladly providing cover to Obama’s flank by failing to do the duties for which they are tasked to do.  If nothing else, the media has already destroyed any credibility it had left.


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