Why the Silence on PMA?

By Caomhin

Just to put add another thought on Media Bias today, you should really ask yourself: if the Jack Abramoff scandal was covered at near the levels of the Clinton Impeachment Trials, then why is the mainstream media ignoring the PMA scandal?  The answer, of course, is self apparent, more flank covering from the media.  The PMA scandal, in all scope and manner is much larger than that of the Abramoff scandal and both are utterly disgusting.  Government, in order for us to be free, must not be bought and sold but answerable only to the people that give it power in order to govern.

It is with utter contempt that our “leaders” have continually sold us out and we can no longer stand for this nonsense.  Throw everyone involved in matters such as these out.  If the political party you prefer is involved, than you better find someone to run against the incumbent in the primary in order to correct the situation or vote for the opposition in the general because if you don’t your a hypocrite and an enabler.

With regards to PMA, we have known for years, YEARS, just how corrupt people like John Murtha are and yet they have continually returned to Capital Hill term after term.  The Democrats have been anything but the “most ethical” Congress ever, despite Pelosi saying it (here’s a tip Nancy, saying something doesn’t make it true, but then again we all know you’re a filthy liar) she has run from any and all responsibilities and appearance of ethical behavior and open government.  She is not fit to lead a car onto the highway let alone the House of Representatives.  You’ll recall she wanted to elevate, Murtha, a man already known to be under investigation to her number two position.

The latest update is brought to us by The Hill where an investigation is going to begin (assuming of course the Democrats don’t later block it).  The takeaway from this article:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) offered the resolution approved by the House. The move was aimed at giving vulnerable Democrats political cover as Republicans offered resolutions to investigate the PMA group and its ties to lawmakers.

That’s right.  Not to enforce the laws, protect the people, or ensure ethical behavior by our elected officials, this investigation is only being approved by Steny Hoyer in order to protect Democrats who have broken the law.  Inexcusable.  Hoyer and those who sold out the American people for personal gain all need to go.


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