It’s Been Awhile…far too long actually…

By Riss

I know, I know, I have been silenced by Obama’s Administration, sucking on cigarettes, booze and popping pills like it was 1969 all over again. Oh wait, I think people were far more free then. Anyway, I just have a few things I need to get off my chest…this will probably not be my classiest post, but that’s just how I am feeling these days.

Ok, so I am a few weeks late in saying or I guess calling Contessa Brewer out.  She is basically begging for me to call her out…WATCH.


It goes without saying, a woman with a brain would really be bothered by being called a slut.  It apparently doesn’t bother Contessa Brewer. So, ok, here goes,  Contessa Brewer, you are an ignorant slut! WOO, I feel so much better. Not popping a percocet better, but damn close. I love Ziegler though, you handle the clowns on MSNBC with such poise and that has got to be difficult!


SENATOR Barbara Boxer.  I mean really, you have to love to hate this bitch, no?  Can you even stand the audacity of this bitch?  How dare you SENATOR Boxer, you are a disgrace to public office and a disgrace to this country.  HOW DARE YOU!  She offends me, so I will not post a clip of her ignorance and the way that she spoke to one of our country’s best.  You SENATOR are a very small person, quite pathetic actually.  Your job is to serve your country and your constituents and not care about your big bad title.  You were voted for, which is scary in itself, stupid Californians.  Please don’t be offended California, but if you are a conservative living in California, how come you haven’t moved yet? What a nightmare! Anyway, Brigadier General Michael Walsh has done far more then you will ever do with your pathetic existence and guess what? HE HAS HONOR.   Hey Babs, aren’t you up for reelection in 2010?  Hopefully I can help your constituents wake up and guarantee you do not get a 4th term.  You are far too superior to be a SENATOR, next up for you Babs, cleaning toilets with the toothbrush that cleans that filthy mouth of yours.  It’s probably an upgrade for you though.

I would just like to wrap this up by saying, Brigadier General Michael Walsh, thank you for all that you do for our country. Thank you.


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