Confirmed: Government Motors Will Never Repay Taxpayers

By Caomhin

I’ve long since argued that we should have made an “I told you so” button that we could just put up in posts rather than having to keep beating the drum, but alas, here we are.  This comes as a shock to absolutely nobody and when I say nobody, I mean nobody.  Don’t think for a moment that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or any other liberal who went out of their way to further violate the free market actually believed that Taxpayers would ever get a return on their “investment” or even their principle back.  Don’t just think I’m being pessimistic either, I’m being about as strong a realist as humanly possible. This is a classic lesson in Obamanomics.  The whole article is certainly worth the read, and I won’t elaborate too much here except to leave you with the following selection from the story:

The stake will be worth enough to fully cover the government’s direct investment only if GM’s stock rises above $68 billion. Even at its recent 2000 peak, GM’s stock was worth only $56 billion.


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