To the Left Transparency Means Opaque

By Caomhin

“Demanded” by Obama on the campaign trail and a pledge by Pelosi to, ahem, be the “most ethical Congress ever,” Pelosi keeps chugging right along by sticking it to the American citizens and thumbing them in the eye.  Of course, our ever so wonderful media, refuses to call the Leftists out on garbage like this, as the liberals’ ever so diligent lap cat demands inaction on their part.  Today, the bold and pronounced lie that they’ve been spewing about transparency is Pelosi and Reid’s refusal to let the American public review the upcoming Healthcare debacle.

Nothing ceases to amaze me about just how horrible Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are proving to be in managing the government.  It’s like the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion from the Wizard of Oz have taken over the reigns.  Worse yet is that many of their supporters are defending them on issues like this, where it is clear that all three of them are being so clearly dishonest.  They refuse to allow the public to know what’s in their bills, from the Stimulus, to Cap and Tax, to Healthcare, as they KNOW that once the public fully understands what they are doing, they will firmly oppose these plans.  In fact, it is so bad that these three aren’t even allowing enough time for members of Congress to read the bills, and the idiots on Capital Hill are passing bills they aren’t even bothering to read.

The people writing the bills don’t even know what’s in them.  This is how our government is run?  In complete secrecy and with scare tactics to intimidate people into voting to appease Nancy Pelosi.  You’re bullsh*t meter should be going into meltdown mode anytime in life someone wants your signature on something that they won’t even let you read.


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