By Riss

Warning, this may make you want to throw up, take pain killers, slit your wrists or all 3 in that order if you live in New Jersey.

This was sent to me by the Chris Christie Campaign.

What you didn’t hear at today’s budget signing…

· $10 billion deficit for FY2011
· $1.2 billion in new taxes and fees for New Jerseyans
· 1.2 million taxpayers won’t receive rebates in FY 2010
· According to Rutgers economist James Hughes, all are almost guaranteed to see an increase from 3 to 4 percent in their property taxes (David Matthau, “New State Budget Will Whack the Typical Jersey Family” – Millennium Radio, 06/25/09)
By the pockets of New Jersey taxpayers…
In FY2010, Governor Corzine’s budget will make the tax burden even heavier by making the taxpayers pay these new taxes and fines:
· $970 million for the elimination of tax rebates
· $903 million for income tax rate increases
· $400 million for tax increase on employers for unemployment program
· $270 million for corporate business tax increase
· $100 million for the elimination of property tax deduction
· $37 million for health insurance tax increases
· $30 million for cigarette tax increases
· $24 million for wine and liquor tax increases
· $20 million for DMV fees
· $8 million for taxing lottery winnings increase
By the future shortfalls…
In the FY2010 budget, Governor Corzine’s reliance on one-shot gimmicks will put New Jersey in even worse shape for FY2011. Take a look at the voids that we will have to fill in FY2011 because of Jon Corzine’s misguided priorities in FY2010.
· $2.5 billion in deferred pension payments from FY2010
· $2.2 billion in federal stimulus funds that will not be available in FY2011
· $1 billion to fill the gap left from expired “one-time” tax increases
· $600 million to fill the gap left from the one-time tax amnesty collection
· $500 million in deferred property tax rebates
· $450 million in deferred debt payments
· $300 million to balance raided trust funds and dedicated funds

This budget is a disgrace. NJ is relying on stimulus funds to get by in 2010, a crap load of tax increases (GASP) and we are left with a big old question mark for 2011. Completely unacceptable! I can’t even describe the anger I am feeling for Corzine’s mismanagement of NJ.  He has destroyed us.  He has to go…


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