Climate Lies Articulated by the Media

By Caomhin

Actually have to tip the hat the AP for their editors’ not picking up on the blatant lie about Carbon Reduction being about the environment.  As we’ve long since suspected, this is simply about an effort to impose socialism on a global level.  I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I do believe that rise of Leftist leaders has led directly toward a larger, much more sophisticated and sovereignty eroding socialist agenda.  Leftist crusades often are presented as being “honorable” or for the cause of “saving humanity” and usually have scapegoats, namely, anyone who has accumulated wealth.  While I myself am not wealthy, I don’t begrudge anyone who has worked their entire lives and I wish them well.  I believe in capitalism, liberty, and the right of self determination.  Greed and envy are not my guiding principles.  I am more concerned with improving myself and working hard to achieve my goals.  All I ask is to be free to pursue these goals, win, lose, or draw.

So why do I see that the AP finally let their guard down and let the truth about the move toward global socialism under the guise of “Climate Change?”  Check out this article; specifically:

As it stands now, under the carbon-capping Kyoto Protocol, rich countries shoulder most of the burden for cutting the emissions that spur global warming, while developing countries — including fast-growing economies China and India — are not required to curb greenhouse pollution.

Rich countries, notably the United States, have said this gives developing countries an unfair economic advantage; China, India and other developing countries argue that developed countries have historically spewed more climate-warming gases, and developing countries need time to catch up.

“Developing countries need time to catch up.”  Think about that for a moment.  If the reduction of “climate-warming gasses” is absolute for mankind and the Earth’s survival, then to what do developing countries need to catch up?  Certainly not in emitting pollution, for if developing countries are spewing out more pollution even as developed nations cut back, then what exactly is being achieved?  These gases are still being released and nothing is being accomplished as the environment is still being irreparably harmed beyond repair according to Al Gore and his acolytes.

It is safe to assume that under the environmentalists’ view that the release of any and all harmful gases much be drastically drawn down on a global level or stopped all together.  They have made that argument time and time again.  However, why would they push for other nations, developing nations, to be allowed to produce more of these gases at all?  It is because it has nothing to do with the environment at all.  Well, to be fair, it is for some, but rather the overwhelming members of the Climate Change crew are using this mechanism to rapidly push forward their socialist agenda.

“Catch up,” in this case refers to one thing and one thing only, and that is to catch up economically.  They can no longer hide the fact that Cap and Trade and other restrictions on individuals and businesses will do economic harm to the host countries.  By “capping” what industrialized nations can emit those who go over this arbitrary line will be forced to pay taxes to nations that do not emit above this level.  The aim is to take money in the form of tax revenues from certain individuals and giving it to others.  It is a redistribution of wealth; it is socialism.

What will also be a necessary response to this particular form of Cap and Trade is not just a global tax that will be used as a form of welfare payments to developing nations (i.e. sending American tax dollars to other nations as “punishment” for having been successful in the first place) but we will also see a geographical movement of “wealthy” individuals and business to nations that are more friendly.  In other words, policies that will come as a result of the Global Warming hysteria knowingly are a means by which transfer payments and relocation of industries to developing nations will not only be encouraged but rewarded.  It is a sort of a fall back to serfdom for the rest of us.  Should you not have the money to pay your allowances to the government to lead the lifestyle you worked hard to attain in the first place than you shall not be able to do so.  Meanwhile, this “crisis” is so bad that Leftist politicians like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others take private jets all across the world while scolding you for driving your car to and from work.  The fact is, the media finally let a truth slip here.  Leftists know that placing restrictions and forcefully taking the private property of individuals in order to re-assign their belonging to others will slow down and set back the development of those in industrialized nations, while the flux of newly seized tax revenues and business incentives to invest in the developed nations will allow them to grow more quickly through artificial and government imposed means.  I believe that history has shown us the success of Central Planning in nations like the USSR with regards to a track record of human rights, freedom, liberty, and economic success.  How anyone could seek to willfully duplicate this record is beyond me.  Yet, the Left knows this and there is no way to truly describe how disingenuous or dangerously ignorant they are on this issue.


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