Which Senators To Call on Cap and Trade

By Caomhin

Let’s get this list up early and ready to go early.  Nothing much to add here other than I think everyone on this list has some incentives to come to their senses and kill this monstrosity in order to protect their citizens and their home states from the impending fiscal disaster this will bring to Main Street.  As always, be courteous with with your calls but be strong in your conviction and expressing your views.  Let’s Go!

Name State DC Office Party
Arlen Specter PA 202-224-4254 Democrat
Bob Casey PA 202-224-6324 Democrat
Sherrod Brown OH 202-224-2315 Democrat
George Voinovich OH 202-224-3353 Republican
Mark Begich AK 202-224-3004 Democrat
Robert Byrd WV 202-224-3954 Democrat
Jay Rockefeller WV 202-224-6472 Democrat
Mary Landrieu LA 202-224-5824 Democrat
Ben Nelson NE 202-224-6551 Democrat
Bill Nelson FL 202-224-5274 Democrat
John McCain AZ 202-224-2235 Republican
Olympia Snowe ME 202-224-5344 Republican
Susan Collins ME 202-224-2523 Republican
Mark Udall CO 202-224-6471 Democrat
Michael Bennett CO 202-224-5852 Democrat
Jon Tester MT 202-224-2644 Democrat
Evan Bayh IN 202-224-5623 Democrat
Debbie Stabenow MI 202-224-4822 Democrat
Kent Conrad ND 202-224-2043 Democrat
Byron Dorgan ND 202-224-2251 Democrat

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