Steny Hoyer Should Be Forced From Office

By Caomhin

Yet another reason we should be able to demand and have tendered the resignation of most of the members of Congress.  Sure that probably sounds harsh, but when they admit they don’t actually do their job, then they should be fired, no questions asked.  Imagine if your boss asked you to promise to start doing your job (actually you’d have already been fired) and you laughed at them.

Keep in mind that Steny Hoyer is the House Majority LeaderNothing fancy to the question that was proposed to him, it was whether he supported the following pledge:

“I, (Name inserted here), pledge to my constituents and to the American people that I will not vote to enact any health-care reform package that: 1) I have not read, personally, in its entirety; and, 2) Has not been available, in its entirety, to the American people on the Internet for at least 72 hours, so that they can read it too.”

His response?

If every member pledged to not vote for it if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes,” Hoyer told at his regular weekly news conference.

In fact, Hoyer found the idea of the pledge humorous, laughing as he responded to the question. “I’m laughing because a) I don’t know how long this bill is going to be, but it’s going to be a very long bill,” he said.

These are employees of the American people and this fool has the audacity to laugh and blow off a pledge that members of Congress actually read the bills they are passing and allow the American people to look at them in order to form an educated opinion on them?  It’s incredulous.  It’s beyond contempt really.  It’s outrageous and completely unacceptable that someone who works for the American people can’t even read the bills they are voting on (a.k.a. doing their jobs) and this clown thinks it’s a joke?  He needs to go and he needs to go right now.  Feel free to call him at 202-225-4131 and let him know what you think.


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