Remembering Tony Snow

By Caomhin

I remember watching Tony Snow on Fox prior to his accepting the post of White House Secretary under President George W. Bush.  I had found him to be quite insightful and very charismatic on the News Network and greatly enjoyed watching him.   He always seemed to be a very down to earth and caring individual and I found myself to be a big fan of his.  In his role in the White House he was incredible, and no disrespect to Dana Perino, but he was the best Press Secretary I can ever recall.  He cancelled the role, bringing his trade mark charisma and professional to a position that is very thankless and which is extremely difficult to perform.

Upon hearing news that he was ill, I wrote and email to him at the White House.  Now, I know the odds that it ever reached him are slim to none, and I do not recall the full text of the email, but it contained my thoughts on his professionalism, my appreciation, and my wishes for a full and quick recovery, letting him know that he was in my prayers.  Months later, I received an email, most likely a form letter, but given how hard of a working and how much he cared about people, who knows.  I can only imagine the volume of emails with well whishes that he had received but I’d like to share the response I received with you, as we fondly recall the life of Tony Snow:



Thank you for the wonderful email, and for including me in your


I have gotten hundreds of cards and emails from all over the country,

and I’m amazed and delighted by each and every one. The entire path of

my life over the last few years has taught me a very valuable lesson:

that blessings come in unexpected packages. Although I normally wouldn’t

consider cancer a blessing, it has brought forth acts of kindness from

friends and strangers-and helped me understand the real power of

kindness and concern. It is as if I had been hoisted on the shoulders of

others, who have taken up my burden, and raised me up, so I can look at

life from a new and wonderful perspective.

That’s one of the great things about being an American: people in this

country just want to do the right thing for others. And having been the

recipient of your kindness, I can assure you that I’m doing everything

in my power to learn from and emulate your example. Little gestures-a

call, an email, even a smile-can have enormous healing power, not just

on the person in need, but the person offering the encouragement. Isn’t

it great how we always feel better when we do the right things?

So thank you for strengthening my faith in the things that matter-and

from the bottom of my heart, thanks for taking the time to write to me.

What a great gift!

God bless,


Tony and his family remain in our prayers as we celebrate his life.  May God bless him and his family.


1 Response to “Remembering Tony Snow”

  1. 1 Ron Russell July 13, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    Tony Snow was a gaint among men. I good man in an evil town. I too remember the man. Found you via twitter–following, visit me sometimes a TOTUS, a conservative blog.

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