Disastrous Healthcare Bill Released

By Caomhin

Here’s the link the massive government takeover of the healthcare industry (in PDF format).  For anyone who actually thinks this will somehow work, think again.  This is going to be an uppercut to the jaw of the economy and result in rationed, lower quality healthcare.  It’s massive, well over 1,000 pages.  I ran a few word searches, here’s some keys:

1. The words “lawsuit” and “law suit” do not appear in the text of the bill.

2. The word “tort” does not appear in the text of the bill.

3. The word “arbitration” does not appear in the text of the bill.

Over 1,000 pages an no mention of any of these words?  Sure sounds like they went out of their  way to protect trial lawyers, gee, I wonder why the Dems would do that?  Nevermind that frivolous lawsuits and malpractice insurance are key contributors to rising prices as well as the lack of competition between states.

They’re still considering your taxing your health care benefits if you dare not enroll in the government plan and they want to hit people with up to 5.4% “surcharge” if you happen to make more money than they deem fit, which for now sits at $350,000.  So when they take more money out of people’s pockets, especially the number one job creating market in the U.S. (small businesses) and the primary people who invest in the stock market and put their money into banks through savings deposits, CDs, etc, how’s the economy going to respond to that?

Think Medicare is going to be around when if this goes through?  How do you think that’s going to play out with our nation’s seniors who can’t sit around for weeks waiting to get an appointment.  Neither can anyone suffering from a serious affliction, but that doesn’t matter to the Democrats, they just need those votes to show you how much they “care” about you.  This bill is not about “caring” in the least, however.  This bill is yet another way to reduce you to a statistic; and anyway to reduce a human being to a statistic and remove the human face from the individual is pretty much how Liberals like to view all issues.


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