Welcome to New Jersey Mr. President

By: Riss

President Obama is coming to campaign for Governor Corzine today at 3:15pm at the PNC Bank Arts Center. I came across the article by the Star Ledger.  This section of the article really disturbed me: The cost: Corzine’s campaign will rent the arts center and reimburse White House expenses for the rally. Corzine reimbursed $15,000 for Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to his primary night rally.

Does this smell fishy to anyone? If you are from NJ you know that Corzine is allegedly loaded, so I am wondering why he would need to reimburse the White House for this event.  My opinion, he won’t be. This event is most likely being paid for by our taxes.  There will probably never be a way to prove it,  but it’s really got me all fired up right now.

I am sick and tired of the slime that comes out of Jon Corzine’s pores.  It’s scary living in a state like New Jersey…there is an overabundance of Liberals who would wipe Corzine’s ass if given the chance.  I hate to go down this road but it’s mainly the inner cities that have me concerned for the November election.  He continues to bury our state with debt and just keeps handing out money to people mainly in the inner cities who don’t really understand that the handouts just keep them poor.  They don’t understand that these handouts keep the government in control of their lives…it’s sad and a damn shame for all of us who want to succeed and live the American Dream legitimately without a handout!  These handouts are destroying my hope to prosper because more and more of my money is going to handouts.  Maybe it’s not completely the handout recipients faults, New Jersey is losing companies left and right due to the high tax implications they face for being in the state.  No matter whose fault it is…something has got to give.  Come November, Corzine has got to go.  I just hope that the people of New Jersey realize this and also realize that it’s going to take awhile for our next Governor to clean up this taxation disaster.

“If they want to give you the sun, the moon and the stars, it’s going to cost you something.  Whether it be your loss of freedom or your loss of your hard earned dollars.”  We have to stand up for our Country and bring back the mentality of the American Dream, handout free!

Check out this video the Chris Christie posted today…I love it!


If you are reading this and live in or know folks in NJ, please pass this video on!  Thanks and God Bless.


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