Obamanomics in Pictures

By Caomhin

Just thought I’d put up a couple of pictures and just a little bit of text to illustrate where our economic future is heading under Obama.  The first picture is from the Heritage Foundation, a graph that compares the deficits under President Bush and Obama:


Just show that to a Liberal next time they screech about President Bush.  Keep in mind this graph is old and the deficit is set to surge much, much higher in the face of growing unemployment, which the current Administration said would be much lower than where it currently stands if they were allowed their gigantic Porkfest.  Result: Epic Fail, one we and our children will be paying for year and years to come.  Second point to keep in mind here, this does not account for the ginormous deficit expansion that will result if the Healthcare bill is allowed to go forward.  This is disastrous.  The same facts apply to the following graph from the non-partisan CBO.  By the way, they also blasted the Democrat’s Healthcare Proposal.

Federal Debt Held By Public

Notice the enormous spike in in 2009?  The graph represents the expansion of debt under CURRENT law, so any and all spending proposals the Dems are set to unleash will push this monstrosity higher, and even more rapidly.  This mindless spend, spend, spend philosophy has already put a crushing burden on our backs and it truly is mindboggling just how much money Obama and his allies on the Left have spent is just 6 months.  They’re already talking about ANOTHER STIMULUS.  Oh yea, that’s right, for those of you who are Orwell fans, you’ll be pleased to know that Obama never said his horrific kickback spending plan was a Stimulus, but merely a stabilizer.  Hot Air’s all over this one.    You can see where this is all going.  It’s bad enough most of our elected officials have no concept of economics; they apparently have no concept of basic mathematics or ethics either.


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