Obama Quotes of the Day

By Caomhin

Quite literally too, and conveniently rolled into one small article by the Philly Examiner.  The first:

At a prime-time news conference marking six months in office, Obama said health care legislation was key to a strong economic recovery, and he added, “If we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit.”

Says the man who has sent the deficit to way past anywhere Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin ever set foot.  Remind yourself of this picture illustrating the deficits under Bush v. the deficits under Obama:


This is, of course, under Obama’s assumptions that unemployment wouldn’t hit 9% and it currently stands at 9.5% and promises to rise above 10%.  Net effect, the deficit is already going to GROW because his assumptions were so far off.  He overestimated revenue greatly.  He also neglects the fact that the CBO says his healthcare bill will increase the deficit by over $230 billion in the early years before ballooning in later years.  Unbelievable.  I wonder what he was offering the CBO head in that highly unusual meeting he called for after that report was published.  You may also notice that he’s pushing so hard for more spending and yet, he cannot bring himself to release the budget numbers.  Gee….I wonder why.

Say, while we’re talking about the economy and as we move toward what is now universally accepted and inevitable 10% unemployment, Obama’s claiming that…he saved the economy “from the brink”:

“As a result of the action we took in those first weeks, we have been able to pull our economy back from the brink,” he said.

When you know that the unemployment rate is going to keep raising, that the housing market is still lowering, that the stock market is stagnant, consumer confidence is down, wholesale prices and consumer prices are inching upward as we move toward higher inflation rates, one gets the sense that he has no clue what he’s talking about.  In fact, the new liberal meme is going to be that Obama saved the economy and they’re going to pick and choose just a few economic indicators to try and sell the public on this nonsense.  That’s all well and fine and very much needed, but we haven’t even leveled out unemployment and it’s going to keep rising over the next few months at least.  So go tell that to people who are losing their jobs, their houses, who can’t afford to feed their families, or can barely make ends meet Obama.  Despite all this you think people should trust you with another trillioin or so dollars to experiment with our health treatment?  Has more than 30 days passed since you took office when you didn’t roll out another $500+ billion program?  Stop the madness.


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