Healthcare Bill Update: Scapegoats, Abortion Back in the Bill

By Caomhin

Just wanted to recap a few things on Obama’s disastrous healthcare bill.  The first is the ongoing scapegoating for the Democrat’s efforts to destroy the free market and  move us to socialized medicine.

Scapegoat #1:  Insurance Companies.  Pelosi went on an insane tirade about how insurance companies are trying to block the bill that would hand total control of your healthcare over to the government and she called them, “villains” for it.  It’s well worth the read to understand just how badly she wants her hand in your life’s decisions.  She believes this so strongly that she said she will be keeping their villainous campaign contributions.

Scapegoat #2:  The media.  Extremely laughable knowing just how far in the tank the media is for Obama and Liberal cause, but worth checking out for sheer entertainment value.

Scapegoat #3:  Republicans.  I won’t even put a link up for this one as it’s so absurd that it borders insane.  They have the votes to put through this piece of trash bill without a single Republican vote but they can’t do it.  Yes, the bill is so bad that many moderate Democrats want nothing to do  with it because when it fails if it’s passed, and it will fail, spectacularly, they’ll be solely to blame.  Sounds like a great piece of legislation, huh?

Scapegoat #4:  Rahm Emanuel.  Someone’s going under the bus for this and Maxine Walters has her eyes squarely on him.

Scapegoat #5:  The American People.  Oh yes, work has already begun to blame the citizens of our nation for not bowing to Obama’s wishes.  They are already starting to ratchet this one up.  It’s great to know that the Administration, the Liberals, and the Media are going on record to state publically that they think you are, in fact, stupid.

Another vitally important thing to remember here is that YOUR FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS WILL BE PAYING FOR ABORTIONS!  Yes, that is back in the bill, and of course they did this on a Friday afternoon, notorious for being an information dump period, as the media apparently goes to sleep Friday afternoons:

On a vote that crossed party lines, abortion opponents failed in an attempt to bar insurance plans that offer abortion services from accepting customers with government subsidies. The vote was 31-27.

This must be stopped!  We have to kill this bill ASAP, during the recess make sure you visit your visit all your elected officials if possible, but at the minimum flood their phone lines.  As if you needed to be reminded, as disastrous as this bill is, Barney Frank, father of the housing bubble, is determined to use this as a Trojan horse to completely and totally destroy free market healthcare and have the government own the rights to your healthcare:


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