New York Stem Cell Program is Immoral and Unethical

By Caomhin

Scientific achievements are essential to the development of society and the advancement of humanity.  Despite being labeled as anti-science many pro-lifers, such as myself, are very much pro-science and support medical research that benefits the whole of society.  The media and the left has done their best to paint us as Neanderthal-like sub humans who fear science in it’s entirety.  The opposition in particular that I have to certain research falls squarely within the realm of ethics and morality.

For example, I find the news that the State of New York has decided to begin offering to pay women $10,000 dollars for their eggs in order to do stem cell research completely outrageous.  I had long thought that after the announcement that adult human cells could be converted to the stem cells which could then be tested would reduce the likelihood that we could reach the point where money would be offered to people in order to fill the stock room in research labs, but apparently I was mistaken.  The slippery slope that was foretold of in past debates is real, and we have apparently begun sliding down it.  I recognize the absolute need for medical and scientific research but under no circumstances should anything of this nature be taking place, nor should we allow it to occur.  We cannot seek to save lives by devaluing it in the process.


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