Let Me Be Clear, Obama is a Tool

By Caomhin

First, you’ll be glad to know Obama has launched his “Start Snitching” campaign.  Anyone reading this feel forward to send my name and blog over, I’ll be happy to debate anyone on what’s in the bill, contrary to many, many, many Congressmen, I’ve read a good portion of it.  I’ll wager that I’ve read more of it than Obama.  Two things to remind yourself that are currently in the health care bill:

taxpayer assisted abortion


promoting euthanasia for the elderly.

Two videos here for your enjoyment, the first I can watch over and over again, as Arlen Specter (Specter-PA), who is going to get trounced in 2010 as we here in Pennsylvania proudly elect Pat Toomey as our next Senator, admitting that he has to move fast and not read legislation (worked for you on the stimulus, huh Arlen?) and Sebelius defending him.  Classic.  The second, a video the White House was sufficiently pissed off about that it unleashed a smear campaign against Drudge and the creators of the video saying the words were taken out of context.  “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer, universal healthcare plans.”  Don’t think it’s possible to take that out of context, nice try though Obama.  Hope and Change = Broke and Vain!


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