Government Sends Stimulus Checks to Inmates

By Caomhin

Of course they did, why wouldn’t they?  The $787 billion Porkfest, which has given us nearly 10% unemployment was a horrible, horrible idea from the jump, and the administration of it even worse.  I don’t know what’s worse the fact that the government sent stimulus checks to inmates or the fact that it does not surprise me in the least:

Moraski said a total of 3,900 inmates not receiving benefits were sent a stimulus check and that of those, 2,200 were due the payment because they were out of prison late last year. The other 1,700 were mistakenly sent the checks.

But Moraski said that the number was “relatively small” given the fact that 52 million total payments were made, and that most of the mistaken payments have been returned by the correctional institutions. He did not provide specifics for how much of the $425,000 had been returned.

The Boston Herald reported the administration is asking for the Massachusetts money back. But Diane Wiffin, a spokeswoman with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, told that her department tried to alert the Social Security staff months ago when it first discovered that the checks had been sent to 23 inmates.

“It was the DOC’s opinion that the inmates were not eligible for the payments because of their incarceration, and we withheld the checks from the inmates at that time and immediately contacted the federal Social Security Administration,” she said in an e-mail.

But she said that the administration “failed to provide a directive despite several requests,” so the department could no longer withhold the checks from the inmates.

Take special note of the fact that the Obama administration didn’t get back to Massachusetts, which has a very large liberal population.  He wouldn’t even respond to their concerns.  These are the people who want to be in charge of your healthcare and that program will not be a one time debacle, but an ongoing one, which spiral out of control rapidly.  Examples like these should be looked at as reasons why we should oppose efforts by the government to interfere in the free market while exponentially increasing the national debt.


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