BP’s Giant Oil Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico

By Caomhin

BP took the phrase “dig deep” to a new level and came up all 7’s.  Good for them, and hopefully, good for us:

The company said the Tiber find appears to be comparable to its largest fields in the Gulf, which hold as much as three billion barrels of oil each.

With the shallow waters of the Gulf well-explored, oil companies have been moving into deeper water, increasing the stakes for each multimillion-dollar well drilled.

The Tiber discovery was located in 1,259 metres of water, with a total well depth of 10,685 metres, which BP believes is the deepest ever drilled.

I can only imagine what kind of roadblocks environmentalists will try to throw in their path, but here’s hoping they, and every other oil producer, can over come each and every one of them.  There’s no question our energy policy is hurting and our national security as well due to politics interfering in our ability to be self sufficient in energy production.  More domestic sources of oil both on land and off-shore, development of oil shale, and nuclear energy are all things that can be done now (as well as developing more efficient technologies in utilizing these resources) in order to help ease our dependence on foreign sources while helping to lower the current trade deficit and strengthen the dollar.  In the long term, of course, we are looking for ever more efficient batteries to develop sources such as solar, increased biofuels (in particular the fuel from garbage concept sounds intriguing), etc, as they will be important for our nation as well.  The more resources we have at our disposal the better.  Here’s hoping we find more oil fields and that we’re allowed to develop them as we bring other technologies and resources into the fold.


1 Response to “BP’s Giant Oil Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico”

  1. 1 bennettj September 3, 2009 at 1:12 am

    Good to hear some sensible energy policy out there. Check out my piece on nuclear energy at http://theotherhalf.net/

    If you’ll add me to your blogroll, I’ll do the same for you and continue to follow you – keep up the great work!

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